Waterville Chess Club

Waterville, Maine

A REM Community Initiative

Next online meeting: Monday August 3rd, 2020 (using Zoom).

I will send the link to join the meeting to our mailing list (we usually play from 6 pm to 8 pm).

Ordinarily we would meet at the REM Center on Monday nights, but due to concerns over the Coronavirus, we will not be meeting in person until further notice. We have been meeting online using Zoom since March 30th. If you are on our mailing list, a link to join the online club meetings will be sent in the club email. Note: There are some concerns about Zoom being reported in the media; the programmers at Zoom are working on tightening up security for their product and we plan to continue using Zoom until further notice. We have not experienced any obvious issues (apart from the learning curve). The Zoom meetings allow us to decide amongst ourselves who to challenge and which chess program to use to play the games. Those not playing a game can observe ongoing battles among team members. We are still new at this, so it might require a little patience to get the hang of the coordination required.

How can we continue to play chess in the meantime? Evan Annis (Camden Chess Club) has set up his club online at lichess.org; I set up a team on chess.com so that we can play online on Monday nights. For the time being, we encourage you to join either the Camden Online Chess Club [if you are more comfortable with the lichess.org user interface] or the Waterville Online Chess Club [if you are more comfortable with the chess.com user interface] (or both). If you need help joining either online club, just drop us an email. We are actively exploring the possibility of having a tournament with the Camden Chess Club on lichess.org at some point.

Camden Chess Club Online Waterville Chess Club Online

I have just added more YouTube videos analyzing interesting chess games featuring Mikhail Tal and others at the Info tab. Mato Jelic has an interesting way of discussing the games. I find his commentary very enjoyable; I hope you will, too.

By popular request, I circulated a contact list so members could play each other during the week between club meetings on Monday nights. To add your contact information to the list, just let me know and I will update the list (which is shared with only those on the list). Members on the list can contact each other directly to arrange a time and place to play chess. Our rule at the club is to keep email addresses and phone numbers confidential unless you give me permission to share that with other members.

Finding Over the Board Opponents

I was recently contacted by one of our club members who is clearly getting frustrated with COVID-19 restrictions! Like-minded players are advised to contact us to join that list (but, be advised that the club is still officially hunkering down).

"Do you know anyone who is willing to play LIVE chess? If not, please put me on that list, I have a mask and will stay 8 feet away."
- John 2

Included here under the "Featured", "Recent", and "Archive", tabs are just a few of our own games from the club; more to come in the future (games with Anna, Arnold, Glenn, Isaac, Kevin, Ray, Ben, Steve, Evan, John and John 2, Mark, Bob and Pete - victories and losses). Eventually I hope to index the games by Chess Opening and by Opponent which will make it easier to find what we are looking for when we want to research past games.

We don't record all our games, but we encourage recording games and playing with a chess clock [not required for casual games]. We welcome players of all strengths. Currently we have several chessboards, but feel free to bring your own chessboard, pieces and chess clock if you have them [we are a little short on chess clocks at the moment].

Note: No animals were hurt in the making of this announcement! Wall art available.

We had been meeting every Monday night since November 11th, 2019 at 31 Temple Street, Waterville (the REM Center, across the street from the Lebanese Cuisine restaurant) from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. On street parking or easy walk from the Concourse. We will not be meeting in person until further notice.

We also occasionally play informally at these locations by appointment during the day: MOST ARE NOW OPEN (WITH RESTRICTIONS: FACE MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING)

If you are looking for a good reason to play more chess, check out what Ben Franklin had to say about chess!

Becoming a Waterville Chess Club member is easy: just ask! Contact: Don Smallidge.