Humor Links - 2017 - Work in Progress

Like Bread and Circuses, Only Different

Just for the record, this material is not just "humor" (and certainly does not attempt to contain all the many types of humor out there: comedy, jokes, slapstick, gallows, silliness, etc.). I needed to pick a single word, so I chose "humor"; I could just as appropriately have called it "political commentary". News and commentary have become practically interchangeable. Times have changed; this is not Will Rogers, Jimmy Durante, Milton Berle or Jack Benny, that's for sure!

This page collects up links to comedy shows, providing incisive commentary on our national politics [the 21st century version of "humor"]. If you miss the evening news (or if you don't watch TV), often this is a good way to learn what is happening on the political scene. Each show is organized in reverse chronological order (most recent shows first)[except that sometimes the dates don't have meaningful dates]. If you have trouble understanding the "balanced reporting" of the mainstream media, you will find these shows helpful to get to the heart of the matter.

Many of these shows use a very relaxed vocabulary, so you may want to exercise good judgement if you have young and/or innocent minds in your household. This collection is not exhaustive by any means; I have not included some patently offensive material and have excluded some (but not all) of the lame and repetitive material. Your mileage may vary, but I think watching these videos can broaden your understanding of our politics. And it certainly helps to relieve some of the despair that you may be tempted to feel occasionally.

Most recent entries are highlighted for your convenience.