Evan Annis Coaching Sessions

Choose the Best Move from the Alternatives Presented

1 / 3
Option 1: Attack the Black Queen with a Pawn
2 / 3
Option 2: Attack the Black Queen with a Rook
3 / 3
Option 3: Capture the Black Bishop with a Rook

This is an example of considering the best of three options before making a move in a current chess game. In this position, I finally chose Option 1. I was particularly concerned about the Black Rook coming to f2. Option 2 would have allowed Qf2 (offering to trade Queens, which I also wanted to avoid). Option 3 also invited trading Queens. By this point in the game, I was already feeling cramped and very much on the defensive. The game has continued, but I am still on the defensive (and he has two passed pawns with a Rook to help defend his queening possibilities).

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